Thursday, April 14, 2011

Return, Semler 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon Saddle Rock-Malibu

So I make my return to the blogging world, because of a wine from a winery that is just a few hours away from my house.  Malibu.

Now I know many are thinking beaches, piers, and overpriced housing.  Yet tucked away in the hills is a wonderful place called Malibu Family Wines.  We discovered this winery by complete chance when we stumbled upon a Groupon offer to visit the winery for tasting flights and a free bottle.  So my wife and I made the venture taking along my cousin and his wife for a taste of these wines.  The flights were wonderful and the I truly enjoyed the quality of the wines.  The wine that i finally chose as the bottle I would take home was the 2005 Cab.  At the time I was enamored by the complexity and  boldness of the wine. So if this happened a few months ago, why didn't I write about it then?  Mostly because life had taken over for a bit.

I'm sure the next question that will be asked is why now are you writing about this wine?  Well last Friday we took to a night out to our favorite local wine bar The Parlour and on their Cab flight, there it was the 2005 Semler.  Well I took that first sip and remembered exactly why I picked that one to take home with me.  The aroma took me back to Malibu and  the taste took me back to that very first sip from the tasting flight.

If you are looking for great local Cabernet Sauvignon look no further than Semler. 2005 being on of the best of the vintages but all of the years have a lot of character.

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