Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Writing in Anticipation

Waiting is a very difficult thing,  especially when one is waiting for wine.  We made our order of 12 wines from a wine company that will send out mixed cases.  I am hoping that this will be a good way to introduce myself to wines that I would not normally have taken off of a wine shop shelf.  At the very least it will occupy this blog with at least 12 more posts, a rare feet for myself as my last attempet at a blog many years ago capped out a half a post (I hit the publish button about half way through a paragraph).

So in anticipation I will share a review of a wine my wife and I had at a dinner this passed week.  Dr. L 2009 Riesling was a delightful wine with very crisp fruit flavors like green apple and pear. Its slight sweetness and fruity character made it a very refreshing wine.  Rieslings from the Mosel region in Germany are very good at being approachable for those new to wine and eases one into bigger, grander wines. Score: 87 pts.

A Note on Scores:
I have decided to use the 100 point wine scoring system to give my overall opinions about wines that i try. The scoring system is designed to have scores between 50-100 (think of the scores like grades in school; 100-90 =A 89-80 = B etc, and the varying degrees within each range).   I debated very highly with using scores but figured it would be and easy way to compare wines that I have had.  Please remember that these points reflect my tasting of the wine and I will try to be as objective as possible.

As always if you have a question, a wine you want me to try and review or a feature you would like to see then please e-mail me at


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  1. I'm a HUGE fan of Riesling. Thanks for the review on Dr. L; I will look into it.